Corporate Introduction

In 1974, the Veterans Affairs Council, complying with government policy, invited the private sector, overseas Chinese to jointly found the ‘Hsin Hsin Cement Enterprise Corporation’.

Spirit of Ideology

Prosperity through unity
Treasure the land, treasure the locals
Innovation, environment sustainability


Going down the Alishan Road, you’ll see an industrial playground that bestows warmth and creativity to cement and embodies the leisurely experience by combining industry and ecology.


Ticket informationFull ticket price can be applied toward spending.)

●Full ticket 50 dollars/person

●Free charity ticket
(65-year-old senior with proof of identification /Children under age of 2 /those with physical and mental disability)

● Guided Tour and DIY Reservation

◆Monday to Friday Guide and DIY Reservation only

Please reserve for group of 10 or more 5 days in advance.

Please reserve for group of 30 or more 10 days in advance.

★ Please reserve via telephone or online during business hours. Minimum of 2 days in advance for cancellation is required.

Schedule guide sessions are 10:00A.M. and 14:00P.M.

The tour takes about 40 minutes.  Meeting place is at the lobby.  A guide will lead you through the tour for “Cement Expo” and “Cement Factory.”

Scheduled guide sessions for DIY are 09:30A.M~15:00P.M. The tour takes about 60 minutes. Please register with the Information Center at the lobby

Time of Operation

Time of Operation:9:30~16:00 (Opening time flexibly extended for continuous holidays, and winter and summer vacation)
Closed on:Monday、Tuesday

Reservation Hot Line:05-2591588
Tour Address:No.12, Checheng, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County



A-Impression Handcraft Unique Fabric Printing Bag
Time1 hour

The fun, cute, and practical stamp fabric printing bag thatyou can do yourself! 
Through different colors and figures, the creation can befull of variations, fun, and effects.  You can create your own unique fabric bag!

B-Soap Creation Mineral Mud Hand Soap
Time1 hour
ForewordHand make a natural soap that is suitable for your body and face. Feel the gift of the mountains with the extract from  the cement material.  Let the natural mineral elements rejuvenate your skin!
C-Very Mud Fun Small Cement DIY
Time1 hour
ForewordUsing the utensils you see everyday with different creative ways to explore the energy of cement! Hand make the small cement objects that have gone viral over the internet. Feel the infinite possibilities of cement creations!